Allie Perry, Master Goldsmith, A.J.P.

American Diamond Exchange is pleased to present Allie's career biography.   Allie took her first jewelry making class as a senior in high school and was immediately enamored with metalsmithing. Upon graduation, she went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Connecticut State University, with a major in Studio Art and a specialization in Jewelry and Silversmithing. An internship in her field turned into a full time job with a company that specialized in the mass-production of silver jewelry. Allie had the opportunity to design pieces, travel with a line of sample items, and sell various pieces to major retailers.

When that company closed, Allie moved on to a different area of the field, jewelry repair. First under the instruction of a very accomplished independent jeweler, and later with a team of jewelers at a national repair and distribution center, Allie honed her skills in all areas of jewelry repair. She specialized in the extremely difficult jobs that other jewelers would refuse, fueled by the false idea that those jobs "could not be done."

During that time, Allie also completed the Gemological Institute of America's diploma program to become an Accredited Jewelry Professional. She successfully repaired tens of thousands of jewelry pieces before moving on to American Diamond Exchange, where she shifted her focus to custom design and fabrication.

Working with customers to create their dream piece of jewelry quickly became Allie's favorite aspect of the job. She creates one of a kind jewelry items for the showcases as well as collaborating with her customers on ideas for their own custom designs. Once the designs are finalized, Allie hand builds all of the metal components, sets all of the stones, and polishes the piece to create a beautiful finished product.

You may have seen the work of Allie Perry on Reddit, after a progression photo series she took for a customer was posted and went viral, getting more than 3.2 million views. You can check it out here!

When you're ready to have a brand new piece of jewelry made, or if you want to redesign something you currently own, come in and let Allie make you something awesome!