Allie Perry, customer testimonial-James Chadwick-Virginia


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The American Diamond Exchange has been a tradition in my family for some time. My father got his engagement ring for my mother there, and when it came time both my brother and brother-in-law followed suit. That's why it was no surprise that when I told my family about my intentions to propose to my Katelyn some of the first words out of my father's mouth was "You have to go to the American Diamond Exchange".

Allie made the design process so much fun! I truly felt like we were collaborating together. We talked about Katelyn, the style of rings that she likes, different aesthetics, and in the end she came up with a breathtaking one of a kind bridal set. She even took photos of the fabrication process from start to finish so I could see her work her magic!

I was surprised at how quickly I received the phone call that everything was done. Since I live in Northern Virginia ADEX shipped the final product along with an appraisal and a kind hand written note by Allie right to my door, making the entire process hassle free.

I can see now why The American Diamond Exchange is so highly regarded in my family. Every time my wife is complimented on her rings I think about Allie and how unbelievably talented she is. I can't think of anyone else I would trust more to craft a piece of jewelry fitting of my beloved Katelyn.

James Chadwick