Charles W. Schnee, Founder of Our Family Jewelry Business

An idea turns into a dream

Our dad, Charles Schnee, enlisted in the Army when he turned 18. He served his country during World War II in Germany's Ardennes Forest, as a member of the machine guns and mortar platoon. When the war ended several months later, he returned home with an honorable discharge and was awarded the Purple Heart. At 21 years of age, he married his sweetheart, Carolyn, who was 20. He worked in an appliance store until he was 23, at which time he went back to college, graduating after a two year program. His career path shifted as he learned how to make cheese at his wife's father's dairy. At the age of 25, he went to work as a salesman for a firm in the costume jewelry business, where he finally found his calling. Two years later, he started his own wholesale costume jewelry business, which he lovingly named Carolyn Jewelry Company. Carolyn Jewelry Company eventually served as the foundation for what would become American Diamond Exchange.

Philip Schnee and his son Charles


Charles in the Army 


Charles and Carolyn celebrating their wedding Day!


Dad catching up on some bookkeeping


Carolyn and Charles 2014  


Carolyn and Charles on his 89th birthday, March 5, 2015




Charles W. Schnee


Age 92


Sadly, on March 17, 2018, our father passed away.  We had just celebrated his 92nd. birthday together.

Dad was a precious man, enormously loved and cherished by many.