Allie Perry, customer testimonial-Danny Ready-Cedar Fall, Iowa

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I wanted to write and tell you about the awesome experience I had with Allie Perry with American Diamond Exchange.

I originally saw Allie's work on where someone was showing off their recently created ring. I really loved the style and had been looking around for an artist for a while. It's surprisingly hard to find an artist to design a ring, let alone actually create it!

I started locally and had a friend of a friend sketch out a few pictures. It was tough since she had no jewelry experience, but she was able to get a couple of ideas for me.

From there, I contacted Allie via Facebook once I found her page. From the very beginning, Allie was responsive, warm, and welcoming. It's a pretty personal process, and I wrote a lot about my relationship in order to give Allie a better idea of what I was looking for.

Even though it was all via email (although there was a few phone calls later), we were able to decide on a final design pretty quickly. I could tell that Allie really was invested in creating something special, and her first attempt at a design was nearly perfect. The design was drawn to scale, so there was no question about how the final product would look.

From there, she gave me regular updates on how the ring was going. She said that she wanted me to see the ring for the first time in person, which I agreed to. It was difficult, but definitely worth it in the end. I was basically placing all of my trust in her that she would deliver something beautiful that we agreed on. The fact that I did this without hesitation should give you an idea of how much trust I was immediately able to place in her.

She was very careful about deadlines and didn't want to promise anything too quickly. This was great, because she was spot on with her assessment, and I received the ring right on time.

The ring was absolutely everything that I had hoped for, and it was exactly what I envisioned from the sketches she sent, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. I was, of course, a little worried that I didn't have this done locally and if something was wrong there wasn't a store I could go to. However, all of these fears were nothing compared to the craftsmanship of the product that I received. I whole-heartedly believe that I would have been unable to find anyone in my entire state that could have done as wonderful of a job!

The experience was wonderful, despite never being able to meet with Allie in person. She was very responsive over email, and I never had to worry about where things were in the process. Communication was constant throughout, which was invaluable. I felt more connected to this process than I often do when I order something from a local store.

I cannot give a higher recommendation for Allie's work, and hope that she can make your engagement as wonderful as she made mine!

Danny Ready
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Allie Perry, customer testimonial-James Chadwick-Virginia


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The American Diamond Exchange has been a tradition in my family for some time. My father got his engagement ring for my mother there, and when it came time both my brother and brother-in-law followed suit. That's why it was no surprise that when I told my family about my intentions to propose to my Katelyn some of the first words out of my father's mouth was "You have to go to the American Diamond Exchange".

Allie made the design process so much fun! I truly felt like we were collaborating together. We talked about Katelyn, the style of rings that she likes, different aesthetics, and in the end she came up with a breathtaking one of a kind bridal set. She even took photos of the fabrication process from start to finish so I could see her work her magic!

I was surprised at how quickly I received the phone call that everything was done. Since I live in Northern Virginia ADEX shipped the final product along with an appraisal and a kind hand written note by Allie right to my door, making the entire process hassle free.

I can see now why The American Diamond Exchange is so highly regarded in my family. Every time my wife is complimented on her rings I think about Allie and how unbelievably talented she is. I can't think of anyone else I would trust more to craft a piece of jewelry fitting of my beloved Katelyn.

James Chadwick

February 18, 2015

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Lee Barbera, Goldsmith



Lee Barbera, Master Goldsmith. 

Lee, our loyal and dear friend has always been a cornerstone of American Diamond Exchange and our Goldsmith Shop. Lee joined the ADEX team more that 28 years ago. From day one, Lee put his heart and soul into American Diamond Exchange. His exceptional work ethic and skills continually improved and advanced all the services that American Diamond Exchange was able to offer our customers. Lee has an amazing ability to communicate with everyone. Lee's expertise has helped thousands of customers with jewelry repairs and custom designs throughout the years.

Lee excels at hand crafted fabrication. His ingenious capacity to make just about any piece or part of jewelry has resolved countless jewelry repair issues. If you have had the pleasure of working with Lee, you know first hand how much he values your business, and strives to build lasting relationships. Lee is now on a limited work schedule so please call ahead to confirm his availability.
February 15, 2015

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Allie Perry, Master Goldsmith, A.J.P.

American Diamond Exchange is pleased to present Allie's career biography.   Allie took her first jewelry making class as a senior in high school and was immediately enamored with metalsmithing. Upon graduation, she went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Connecticut State University, with a major in Studio Art and a specialization in Jewelry and Silversmithing. An internship in her field turned into a full time job with a company that specialized in the mass-production of silver jewelry. Allie had the opportunity to design pieces, travel with a line of sample items, and sell various pieces to major retailers.

When that company closed, Allie moved on to a different area of the field, jewelry repair. First under the instruction of a very accomplished independent jeweler, and later with a team of jewelers at a national repair and distribution center, Allie honed her skills in all areas of jewelry repair. She specialized in the extremely difficult jobs that other jewelers would refuse, fueled by the false idea that those jobs "could not be done."

During that time, Allie also completed the Gemological Institute of America's diploma program to become an Accredited Jewelry Professional. She successfully repaired tens of thousands of jewelry pieces before moving on to American Diamond Exchange, where she shifted her focus to custom design and fabrication.

Working with customers to create their dream piece of jewelry quickly became Allie's favorite aspect of the job. She creates one of a kind jewelry items for the showcases as well as collaborating with her customers on ideas for their own custom designs. Once the designs are finalized, Allie hand builds all of the metal components, sets all of the stones, and polishes the piece to create a beautiful finished product.

You may have seen the work of Allie Perry on Reddit, after a progression photo series she took for a customer was posted and went viral, getting more than 3.2 million views. You can check it out here!

When you're ready to have a brand new piece of jewelry made, or if you want to redesign something you currently own, come in and let Allie make you something awesome!