February 08, 2015

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Jewels on Jewelry Product Care

Hi, it's Jewels here with some advice on cleaning and checking all your jewelry.  
I love my job here at American Diamond Exchange!  
I'm so happy to be able to start sharing with you some of my valuable advice that I have learned throughout my career.  
I clean and check my jewelry every day.  
It's easy for me because we have all the tools and equipment in our Goldsmith Shop, so it's quite convenient.  
When is the last time you cleaned your jewelry and checked for loose stones, worn out or missing prongs?  
Is the catch loose on your bracelet?  Are the jump rings or connections on your necklace or bracelet worn thin?  
With all the holidays, the change of seasons and your busy schedules, sometimes we can overlook our valuable jewelry.  
If you want to avoid finding a missing stone or two or losing any of your items, bring your goodies into our Goldsmith Shop soon for an inspection.  
Our fees for checking, cleaning and polishing your items are a lot less than the cost to replace most missing stones or having to replace a lost piece of jewelry.  
We are really good at making your jewelry shine and sparkle.  Come visit us and see for yourself!